[Python-projects] There is a failure during pylint version 0.16.0 installation

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Tue Mar 3 18:40:19 CET 2009

Le Tuesday 03 March 2009 12:11:35 Mads Kiilerich, vous avez écrit :
> Sylvain Thénault wrote:
> >> But it seems like the dependency resolution for "easy_install pylint"
> >> fails because of the missing bin/pylint.
> >
> > hum I don't see why dependency resolution would fail because of this (and
> > then how it's installed in the first steps you describe).
> To more exact, it seems like it first installs pylint (with some
> warnings), then it detects the dependencies, and then it verifies the
> pylint installation and fails badly.
> > Anyone have any idea of
> > what's the actual pb here ? (missing / badly registered file ?)
> Tarek? However, I guess there is good reasons why he made
> logilab.pylintinstaller. But it must be possible to fix it somehow...

Tarek mades its installer since at that time logilab common and astng weren't 
easy_installable, but that should be fixed now, removing the needs for this 

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