[Python-projects] pylint: Locating custom checkers

Maarten ter Huurne maarten.ter.huurne at philips.com
Tue Aug 5 18:39:02 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Today I have written a custom checker for pylint. I can successfully run 
it with a command line like this:
        PYTHONPATH=/path/to/plugin pylint --load-plugins=custom_checker 
-rn module.py

However, I want to keep the command line short for easy interactive use. 
To do that, I moved the load-plugins part to pylintrc. However, I couldn't 
find anywhere in pylintrc to put the PYTHONPATH part.

Right now I solved this by using a shell alias, but I would prefer to put 
this in pylintrc. Is that possible with the current pylint? Is it 
reasonable to expect it to be configurable in pylintrc or would another 
approach be better?

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