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Mon Jun 20 16:34:33 CEST 2005

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> Thanks for your nice contribution.

Actually I have many other needs and ideas that I would
like to have in PyLint.
Here are some of them, in random order:

- pylint.bat does not work at all. Since the .bat is also a
python script, the call to python should at least repeat the
%0 parameter. Attached is a working version.
(I know most of you only work on Linux...)
(See attached file: pylint.bat)

- Remove "Line too long" warning for multiline strings.
It's really a noise for docstrings, and is almost the only
message when you run PyLint over itself. ;-)
Also are "continued statements" (with \) to be considered as
long lines?

- A way to customize W0201 (Attribute defined outside __init__)
Currently, '__init__' means one of __init__, __new__ or
setUp. I suppose that setUp is handy for unit tests, but I would
like to add mine...
How about a configuration option?

- About "Too many public methods", maybe make the distinction
between functions declared in the class, and functions inherited
from base classes.

- False E0203 (Access to member before its definition) when
a lambda is used. There was a very similar recent post two weeks
ago, but it was about local variables. The warning still shows
for class members.

- "Unused imports" reports too many things. I think that
is because I use "import *" on a package that already
"import *" its submodules. I know I should not write code
like this, but hey, that's another warning...

- KeyboardInterrupts are often ignored. I saw that there
are some places with bare "except Exception:". They are
reported by PyLint itself! ;-) Should we correct them?

I can help implementing many of these, but I guess
some points need further discussion.

Is there a better place to express such ideas?
What is the best way to send patches?
Is there a public issues tracker?
Is a "development release" available? (a daily snapshot
would be great)

> > Well, sorry for this long post.
> Don't be !
Actually, I'm not.

Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
Ubix Development
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