[Python-projects] Re: type checker for Pylint?

David G. Wonnacott davew at cs.haverford.edu
Mon Jun 13 19:14:47 CEST 2005

Kris and I will take a look at design-by-contract. This is actually a
better match for our 1st year than "type checking" -- in C++, we have
the students declare types and give pre- and post-conditions (and,
when we get to imperative programming, loop invariants). If this works
out well enough, I may just go forward with run-time checks (since
some of our C++ checks were run-time anyway, and we spend a fair bit
of time talking about the trade-offs of dynamic vs. static properties).

I had also been looking into aspect-oriented programming for Python
for an upper-level course, and was already thinking of trying out your
"aspects" module.

Thanks for the pointer re: using it for contracts -- I had not yet
gotten this far into it, as I had the 1st year course development as a
more immediate priority.

Dave W

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