[Python-projects] Can we instrauct pylint to allow unused arguments?

Pierre_Rouleau at ImpathNetworks.com Pierre_Rouleau at ImpathNetworks.com
Mon Nov 15 23:26:47 CET 2004

Hi all,

When using GUI frameworks like wxPython, you often have to write a large
collection of event handling call-back methods.

These methods often have arguments that may not be used (like event in the
following method).

def OnAcceptButton(self, event):
    """Perform fields validation on Enter, close dialog if all data is valid"""

Is there a way to prevent the "Unused argument" for that special case only.  I
do not want to disable the warning completely.
Can I disable it only if the argument is called "event" or whatever or if it
starts with something like "unused_".

That would help reducing the warnings in valid wxPython applications.

Is there another, better way, to acheive the same thing?


Pierre Rouleau

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