[Python-logic] python/C division of labor

Simon Burton simonb@webone.com.au
Fri, 10 May 2002 09:53:01 +1000

my first inclination is to
build the engine in C with a view
to a python interface, rather
than a pure python program.
(we want this to be more than an
educational exercise, ie. we want
to do some useful work as well ie.
be fast)
so, perhaps a new builtin type
representing the state of the solver
and type(s) for, ahh, queries/predicates...
actually my knowledge of logic programming
is brand new :) and am hoping to learn
more by implementing something. (my programming
knowledge is much more worn).

I am a math student working in logic/foundations of maths area
my supervisor's page: http://cslab.anu.edu.au/~jks/
my page: http://evs.anu.edu.au/~simonb (currently evs is hiding).

if u don't hear more from me that's good,
it probably means i am coding something up.


simon burton